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Can you imagine working with and around dogs and dog lovers all day everyday? This passion combined with a love of the outdoors and background in marketing and brand development saw the vision of DOGlite go from a dream to a reality.

DOGlite is a subsiduary of Australian company Lite Technologies Group (LTG) and is headed up by a team of dog lovers who are dedicated to researching and developing a wide range of versatile dog accessories for all fur children, big and small. Incorporating the highest quality materials with high end Light Emitting Diode (LED) systems to produce a range of collars, harnesses, leashes and accessories suitable for everyday with the ability to illuminate at the push of a button encouraging safety, fun and fitness from dusk till dawn.

With a majority of the community experiencing a busier workload and less time in the day, DOGlite is focussed on encouraging more people to get outside after work/dinner rather than waste quality time on the couch. During the past 18 months DOGlite has conducted studies showing an increased level of exercise and activity from test subjects resulting in not only a happier pooch, but a happier, healthier household and family. DOGlite is a high end product, with a contagiously fun aspect which activity and 'walkies'.

Whether a family walk on a lead, a night time stroll around the block or letting loose off the lead down the park, DOGlite's everyday accessories add an element of fun and excitement for you and your pooch once dusk settles in. DOGlite accessories also add a feeling of safety and comfort with the ability keep an eye on your four legged friend while also alerting drivers and passers by of the whereabouts of your pooch - for added fun,

DOGlite's point of difference is in the workmanship of our products and appreciation of quality. Working closely with our team of dedicated manufactures to employ stringent quality control processes ensures a superior quality product built to last, and tough enough to withstand the adventurous nature of your best friend.

Our team is working vigorously on additional and innovative products set to revolutionise the dog accessory market. We warmly invite you to become a part of the DOGlite "DOGpack" for top deals and special DOGlite "DOGpack" promotions.

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Stay tuned for more exiting new products as we continue to grow.